Metal Print

By Life in Pictures Ottawa


We are in the process of moving our shop. There will be a down-time for print turn-around because of this.  Also a little less selection temporarily until we get re-settled.  Email us anytime for more details

Inks are infused in a heat process into a special coating onto the aluminum. This process gives your photo amazing color with a brilliant shine. The picture is fade resistant, scratch & flame resistant, moisture resistant, and wipes clean simply with a cloth. Metal prints come ready to hang.


-Gloss White – gives incredible depth to most any kind of colorful pictures such as pets, landscapes, family, or wedding pictures.

- Gloss Clear – the silver base metal allows the metal grain to show through, giving an almost 3-D effect.  Best with architectural pictures, scenery, or black & white images.

- Matte White, Semi-Gloss White, Matte Clear are available in limited sizes.  Ask us!