HD Metal Print

By Life in Pictures Ottawa


All set up in our new studio in Brockville!


Using only the gold-standard ChromaLuxe metal product, Inks are infused in a heat process into a special coating onto the aluminum. This process gives your photo amazing color with a brilliant shine. The picture is fade resistant, scratch & flame resistant, moisture resistant, and wipes clean simply with a cloth. Metal prints come ready to hang.


-Gloss White – gives incredible depth to most any kind of colorful pictures such as pets, landscapes, family, or wedding pictures.

- Gloss Clear – the silver base metal allows the metal grain to show through, giving an almost 3-D effect.  Best with architectural pictures, scenery, or black & white images.



Minor Disclaimer:  We are extremely picky at Life In Pictures.  But we cannot control the universe.  Due to the nature of the process of printing on metal, which involves the variables of vaporizing photo ink, heat, and pressure , it is possible to have minor color variations from how your image looks on your own screen (lighting, calibration, the quality of your monitor) to the metal final print   This is not a reason to reprint a picture, because it will still look amazing, and 99% of people don't have this issue.  We inspect each panel carefully before printing, but occasionally there may be a pimple in the special coating which may occur in the manufacturing process; we cannot reprint these unless the imperfection is in a prominent location on the photo.